It’s time for the Roller Derby World Cup. You’ve likely been watching most of the day. We picked these over the past few days but I’m just not getting them online….and now back to watching Stars vs. Stripes.

Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Thursday December 1st
Canada vs. France No Pick
Australia vs. Germany No Pick
Argentina vs. Ireland No Pick
New Zealand vs. U.S.A. No Pick
Brazil vs. Sweden No Pick
Australia vs. Finland No Pick
Friday December 2nd
England vs. Ireland No Pick
New Zealand vs. Scotland No Pick
Canada vs. Sweden No Pick
Finland vs. Germany No Pick
Brazil vs. France   No Pick
Scotland vs. U.S.A. No Pick
Argentina vs. England No Pick
France vs. Sweden No Pick
Brazil vs. Canada No Pick
Running Totals
1-1 (.5) 1-1 (.5) 2-0 (1.0) 1-1 (.5) 1-1 (.5)
231-80 (.74) 217-75 (.74) 201-68 (.75) 241-66 (.79) 217-87 (.74)

Congrats to Quad for his 2-0 run last week!

Images courtesy of Strawberry Jam and