Championships are upon us in Broomfield, CO as Continental Divide and Conquer, hosted by the Denver Roller Dolls starts on Friday afternoon at 2pm mountain standard time.  Our take on the big event by several RDIT writers highlights what we are most excited about.

And, not to be forgotten, the men have a derby bout this weekend too.

Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Friday November 11th
2pm MST
NC2 Minnesota vs E3 Charm City
Minnesota Minnesota Charm City Minnesota Minnesota
3:45pm MST
W2 Rocky Mountain vs SC3 Nashville
Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain
5:30pm MST
SC2 Kansas City vs W3 Rose City
 Kansas City Rose City Rose City Rose City Rose City
7:15pm MST
E2 Philly vs NC3 Naptown
Naptown Philly Naptown Naptown Philly
Saturday November 12th
#9 Harm City vs #10 Connecticut
Running Totals
1-0 (1) 0-1 (0) 0-1 (0) 0-1 (0) 0-1 (0)
227-77 (.77) 213-72 (.75) 198-64 (.76) 238-62 (.79) 213-84 (.72)

The last week we had picks was 2 weeks ago when we picked the winner of the Gotham Girls season championships.  Caesar was the only one to pick the Brooklyn Bombshells as the winner.  Congrats to him!

Images courtesy of Strawberry Jam and