The teams we typically choose for the weekly picks have the weekend off so we had some fun and picked the winner in the Gotham Girls Roller Derby 2011 Championships.


Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Saturday October 28th
Gotham Girls Roller Derby 2011 Championships
Bronx Gridlock vs Brooklyn Bombshells
Running Totals
14-14 (.5) 11-17 (.39) 12-16 (.43) 12-16 (.43) 10-18 (.36)
226-77 (.75) 213-71 (.75) 198-63 (.78) 238-61 (.80) 213-83 (.72)

We all took big hits last week as the final bracket line up for MRDA Champs was quite a bit different from what any of us picked.  Caesar had two correct picks, leading all of us.  The Pikes Peak/Gold Coast game seemed to not happen.  Sorry!  I was also able to add up totals from the 3 playoff weekends we posted.  Our running totals are all up to date.

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