With the craziness of regional tournaments behind us we are happy to shake things up with our weekly picks once again. There isn’t much going on in the land of WFTDA as most teams are on hiatus or prepping for Championships. However, MRDA is in full swing with a big weekend of playoffs and ending with a championship game.


Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Saturday October 22nd
SC6 Tampa Bay @ NC1 Windy City
Windy City Windy City Windy City Windy City Windy City
SC9 Gold Coast @ W17 Pikes Peak
Gold Coast Gold Coast Gold Coast Gold Coast Gold Coast
MRDA Championships
Running Totals
3-3 (.5) 3-2 (.6) 2-4 (.33) 4-2 (.67) 3-3 (.5)
212-63 (.77) 202-54 (.79) 186-41 (.82) 226-45 (.83) 203-65 (.76)

In playing catch up, I went back to the last known numbers on Sept. 9th and factored in our picks from that week.  These numbers do not reflect playoffs at this time.  Maybe I’ll have time to figure those out at some point and then calculate them in, (or maybe you want to do the work for me and put it in the comments section to include in next weeks picks) but for now, this is what we have.

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