Regionals continue this weekend- once again Portland is the site of a major roller derby tournament as Bridgetown Brawl starts rolling Friday at 10:30 AM Pacific (1:30 PM Eastern). Last weekend London answered the doubters showing that they belong among the top teams in the world. We also saw that the top three teams are virtually untouchable in the region- and that Gotham is quite literally untouchable. Who in the West will surprise us? What insanity will ensure? Will all games that are scheduled to be played in fact be played? Tune in to the live streaming broadcast to find out! Also on tap this weekend is one North Central game with possible rankings implications for early next year, and that could be a preview of a match up two weeks from now in Indianapolis, as Cincinnati and Ohio face off in a private game in Columbus.

Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Saturday 9/24
Cincinnati @ Ohio (private game)
Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
Round 1- Friday, Bridgetown Brawl
Jet City vs Tucson
Jet City Jet City Jet City Jet City Jet City
Sacred City vs Angel City
Sacred City Sacred City Sacred City Sacred City
Bay Area @ Rose City
Rose City Rose City Rose City Rose City Rose City
Denver vs Rat City
Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver
Bridgetown Brawl Overall Winners
Third Place
Rose City Rocky Mountain Denver Denver Denver
Second Place
Denver Denver Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain
First Place
Oly Oly Oly Oly Oly
Running Totals
4-3 (0.57) 4-3 (0.57) 3-4 (0.43) 3-4 (0.43) 3-4 (0.43)
2011 Overall

Math is hard, but trust me when I say that Strawberry Jam does picks the best.

Images courtesy of Caesar, and Strawberry Jam