Regionals continue this weekend in Kansas City, Missouri as the South Central Regional Tournament, “Show Me Der-B-Q“, hosted by the Kansas City Roller Warriors starts rolling on Friday morning at 12 noon central standard time (1PM Eastern). Our preview of the teams and the event by Vince Hannity suggests that like other regions, the top two spots are probably all but locked in, but there could be a bitter fight for that third seed to the championship rounds.  Tune in to the live streaming broadcast here!

Since 99% of you don’t know this already, Green Country is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Gold Coast Derby Grrls are from South Florida (not to be confused with Gold Coast Roller Derby from Australia.)

Match Up
Caesar Tank Quad Almighty Strawberry Jam Vince Hannity
Round 1- Friday, “Show Me Der-B-Q
Green Country vs. Gold Coast
Gold Coast Gold Coast
No Coast vs. Omaha
No Coast No Coast No Coast No Coast No Coast
Atlanta vs. Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston
Nashville vs. Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Show Me Der-B-Q” Overall Winners
Third Place
 No Coast  Tampa Bay    Houston  Tampa Bay
Second Place
Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas
First Place
Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City
Running Totals
 4-4 (0.50) 4-4 (0.50) 5-3 (0.625) 4-4 (0.50) 5-3 (0.625)
2011 Overall

Math is hard, but trust me when I say that Strawberry Jam does picks the best.

Images courtesy of Caesar and